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    Blank screen on startup then stuck on ASUS logo


      Hello there,

      i've been using ASUS K53SC laptop wich is originaly built for windows 7, i've upgraded it to windows 8.1 and blank screen occured, then i was despreate i removed it and turn back to windows 7, recently i've wanted to get the free update of windows 10 that everybody has, so i've updated my laptop to windows 10, and guess what?? my laptop frozez on Asus then blank screen then no disk drive!!


      i seriously wounder how a graphic could do that and i really wounder why would Intel even create a GPU that causes problems


      now anybody that know how to help i would seriously appreciate it, i can't acess my computer, even the laptop bios setup, it is annoying.


      message to INTEL: i hope that you fix you problem instead of just make new GPUs what about the ones that already bought them, are they screwed!