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    starterpack page doesn't appear


      I bought i7-4720HQ and i recieved Starterpack key. But when I try go to the page to enter the key it load only a white empty page, so I can't enter the key.


      (Sorry for my bad english and also when I posted to the wrong section.)

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          Hello Stanno00,


          In order to help you with the Starter pack activation please contact us at: Contact Support.


          You will be ask the following;


          • What is the URL customer is trying to access?
          • Where did they customer purchase the processor/system?
          • If this is a system? We need to know brand/model and OS version?
          • Do you have a scan of the receipt with a valid promotion code?
          • How do I verify that it is valid? (ask for the POP)
          • What software did the promo offer?


          Make sure to keep them handy.