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    Grove Serial Camera not working with mraa, upm in a Intel Edison


      I am trying to run the grovescam.cxx file within Yocto in a Edison with the Arduino Breakout Board.

      but error occurred.

      the error is "init: retries exceeded.".

      # g++ grovescam.cxx -o grovescam -lupm-grovescam

      # ./grovescam

      init: retries exceeded

      init() failed

      preCapture: retries exceeded

      preCapture failed.

      doCapture: retries exceeded

      doCapture failed.

      Image size is 0 bytes



      * mraa version : 0.7.5

      * upm-grovescam : 0.3.2


      sample code:


      Does anyone solve this problem?

      please give me any help.



      Thanks in advance.