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    DVS / DFS in Intel Edison




      I am looking at the option of dynamic voltage/frequency scaling in Edison module. I looked for cpufrequtils on Yocto, but Intel's Yocto build doesn't support it.


      Also, the Edison module is down clocked and locked at 500MHz. But I am not sure if the voltage has been reduced when this Atom processor was decided to run at 500MHz instead of 1.6GHz. I am very confident that Intel's 22nm silicon should be able to run good 500MHz clock with approx. 1V.


      The PMIC states a buck converter 0.55-1.2V for DVS. To me, 1.8V and 500MHz seems over-voltage. If that's true, can we reduce the voltage to 1.2V if we can't change the frequency?


      I understand that states are changed in (V, f) pairs. However, since that freedom is not available to us and cpufrequtils package is not there, I am looking at the option of DVS.


      I would very much appreciate any help from Intel and enthusiasts on this.


      Thank you,

      - Aditya