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    Finding Motherboard Upgrade Information on Intel Website?



      I am looking to upgrade an old motherboard and CPU, and would like to preserve as many of the old parts as possible to keep costs down.  Is there a place on the Intel site that will allow me to put in details and have it give me a list of compatible boards?


      I just spent my limited money to try and upgrade the system with new memory and a video card, but didn't realize the motherboard didn't have a PCI-Express slot until it was too late, so I would like to be able to use these newly purchased parts.


      If it matters, here are the system details:


      Present board is an old http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/d865gvhz/sb/cs-010809.htm with a standard P4 processor


      As for parts:

      * Pentium 4 Processor - Need a new processor, doesn't have to be the latest and greatest, but certainly better than the old P4

      * Three PCI slots motherboard - Need a board that has at least one PCI Express slot, for a video card I already have.  I'm assuming I couldn't get a board without at least one PCIe slot at this point.

      * Need to use the same hard drive

      * Would like to use the same memory (although I realize it might not work with newer processors)

      * The case can hold a Micro ATX 9.6 x 9.6 Inches form factor

      * The power supply is 300 W

      * PS2 Keyboard

      * USB with PS2 adaptor mouse


      Any ideas where I might be able to find this information on line?


      Thank you!

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          there is no such tool on the website, but take it from me that all major components you got have to be replaced. sorry.

          i suggest the dg45id mainboard with a cpu of around equal price, like the E6500, and a 4gb ddr2-800 kit from kingston.

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            Thank you for the quick help.  When you say major, does that include the hard drive?  That is the one component that I was really hoping to save, and that I am not exactly sure how spec's work.  I thought all IDE drives were interchangable?  Would a 300w power supply drive the board you recommended?


            Thank you again!

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              i dont know your psu, so i cant tell.

              on the HDD: there is no parallel port on the mainboard, only SATA. your CDROM/DVDROM needs to be SATA too, obviously.

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                Hello Nico,

                I'm not sure what else to say about the power supply unit, other than it says it is rated at 300W.  I don't see anything on the website that indicates power requirements for either motherboards or processors, how would I know the requirements?  Or do other components drive that number?


                As for the drive, after digging around inside the case, I see that it is a Seagate Baracuda Ultra ATA/100, which I believe is a parallel ATA, or parallel port you are referring to.  I'm also assuming that corresponds to the "# of PATA Ports" listed on such boards as the DG43GT and others?  I'm hoping that would fit the requirement.


                Again, thank you for your time, I have been trying to figure this all our for days now, and this is a *huge* help!

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                  you got it right, but consider this the second option. drives are really cheap and the benefit of sata is worth the investment. the drive is still the slowest component, and i guess you want to feel the difference with a new system. same goes for powersupplies. 300w is enough for board and cpu minus a power-hungry pcie-graphics-card. it's better to get a new one, for example a 400W (or higher) atx 2.3 with 80plus certification.