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    Intel computstick problem


      Hello,from Greece....is anyone here to help me with my problem witjh the Intel computestick??

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          Hello George_Greece,


            I'd be more than happy to help you, what's going on with your Compute Stick?





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            Good morning and thanks for your reply..


            My problem with the Intel stick has to do with the wireless internet.The connection is not good at all,and the computer is very slow.My internet connection works perfectly.I have talked to the company,and they have rechecked,and cgange also the channels for the internet.With all the other devices i have at home (laptop,tablet),it works perfectly and very fast.Only with the stick is happening this.The lines of the wireless,down right to the bottom,they are never stable.Once is full sign,then is one line,then 3 lines,then full again,and that continues all the time.As a result,takes at least,1-2 minutes to load a normal -not heavy- page..I hope you understand my problem,and i am waiting for your support.By the way,the shop that i have bought the stick,cannot change it for different reasons.


            Thank you