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    Temp Setting BIOS


      Hello Intel Communitie.


      I hope some one can help me pleas my problem is I am woried a bout my System over heating.

      A few days a go my Intel Desktop Control Center CPU Temp Gauge was working fine Version,

      today I looked at it and the Gauge is not moving and set at 127 AT all the rest of the temp Gauges and setings are fine on the Monitor.

      I then though I best check my Bios and the Bios CPU Temp Threshold was set to 0 Explaining why the Gauge was Showing the reading.

      So how can I set the BIOS Temp Threshhold Setting to 67deg instead of 0 my Bios won't let me set it  to 67deg and the Desktop Monitor wont let me set a safety temp setting ither.


      I hope some one can help me pleas my Mainboard is a DX 58SO with a Quad 3.07 Intel cpu with 6 Gig RAM and Graphics is 2xXFX 512 9800's running in SLI mode with Duel 24 in 2 mil sec Samsung LCD's OS is Vista 64X Ultimate and the Bios version is the latest Upgrade for this Main Board apart from not being abble to set the CPU Threshold the BIOS is fine.


      Also before I go since the Monitor gauge has not been showing the CPU temp I ghet a Blue screen during log in then system goes in to the OS and is fine the system itself  runns perfect other than the problem at hand.