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    DG45ID IDT audio not working



      I am running XP Pro sp3 on a DG45ID board and I cant get the audio to work (new build, homebrew)  I have tried the stock drivers that came with the MOBO and the upgraded drivers as well.  I have made sure all audio is on and configured correctly in BIOS.  I have disabled and re-enabled the HD audio for the HDMI (that Im not using).  I have unplugged all speaker connections, restarted the PC, and plugged in each so they can be seen by the auto detect (which worked).  I have used the control panel below to verify each speaker is attached to the correct jack and tested each correctly as seen on the pic below.  Each speaker emitted a sound when clicked on.  Im now at a loss.  Anyone have an idea?



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          Hi Tebu,


          I would test the audio without a front panel - just use the audio ports on the back panel as sometimes if a non HD front panel is used, it can cause audio issues. If you have a front panel connected and it is not HD then disconnect it for the test.

          Driver installation order should be Chipset / Audio / Video and I would recommend downloading drivers from the website to make sure that you are using the latest available. Apart from these things - when you say the audio is not working - how are you testing it? Which software are you using? It could be that the audio is working at a hardware level but failing due to the software player. If you reply with a little more detail on the system configuration, it would help generate more suggestions for your issue!


          Good luck!



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            Thanks Isit.  I am using the rear audio outputs.  There is an audio driver for the HDMI cable, but I am not using it (vid output is to a monitor not HD). I did load the latest driver from Intel and it didnt work either.  I am testing the audio by plugging my speaker jacks into the black, blue and orange ports (rear, side, subwoofer/center). You can see this in the pic on my last post.  You asked what software I am using to test the audio?  I tried playing a video using Windows media player, also tried playing the stock song from the My Music folder that came with XP using Windows media player as well.

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              If you Have the DOLBY Installed try to disable it I have found that IDT and DOLBY Do not play well together > Just a Idea.

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                Thanks Robert, even tho Dolby is supposed to be part of the audio scheme, I dont find it.  See my loaded drivers below.  Anyone have any thoughts about this being a XP Pro compatibility problem?  I just went thru such a thing trying to get the OS loaded on the mobo.


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                  I think you're a good candidate for Win 7.  The HDMI is likely to be problematic with XP.  The XP mode (free) would provide legacy support for apps but they might not support the sound fully there either.  I don't know if that is under virtual machines or just another mode that functions that way.  I would recommend disconnecting the speakers (particularly if they are self-powered) during a clean install either way.  I haven't found any support for this belief.

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                    I just checked Intel has a update just released 11/15/09 ver.# 6224.3 and it says it includes XP , you may want to check out this up date, Also the guy that made the prevous post is right Get W7 it's real nice and stable way better than Vista I've put it on 3 of my machines and have had no bugs yet .

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                      Tebu What CPU are using , reason why I ask is the newer CPU's have more multimedia instructions SSE3, SSE4, SSE 4.1 which may effect how your sys. responds to the newer software.?? I use the Q9550 in all of my machines (4 ).

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                        Thank you Curious592.  I tried my headphones on the front jack.  They work just fine leading me to assume the legacy drivers with XP are working ok.  I will consider the W7 advice.  Didnt think when I made this PC that it would cost me a new OS tho.  Ive got 5 XP disks in my house

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                          Thanks for helping Robert.  I will try the new driver version.  I didnt know they had turned out one so fast.

                          Also my processor is the Q9450.

                          The internet led me around a while searching for HD audio support that was supposed to be left off SP2.  After chasing my tail a while I learned SP3 does have the HD audio support and I am current.

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                            Tebu You should realy consider upgrading to windows 7 , It's So much better than any thing Microsoft has ever come up with it's not funny , What I did was a clean install with a sys builders disk , smooth install and since the machine has never been this stable. Go to MS and run the compatibilaty advisor first . That will let you know where you stand , Pardon me but XP is realy getting to be Fred&Barnnie ( Flintstones )

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                              If you switch to Win 7 you should realize that it will usually require more RAM.  The Virtual PC/WinXP setup is much better than in the past.  For this I personally wouldn't use less than 6GB RAM even for 32-bit.  The DG45ID can hold up to 8GB but there have been some issues with various systems with more or less than 4GB that should have been resolved.  Full support for Win XP ends next year but limited support goes beyond that.  I believe my HDMI driver disappeared recently after adding an 8600GT graphics card.  There isn't any pressing need to reinstall for me however.

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                                The DG45ID specs have been changed to 16gigs Ram but who can aford $600.00 worth of ram , I am running 8gigs and all is well. W764bit

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                                  I just checked the specs and sure enough 8GB requires 64-bit which is OK if you have both like I do.

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                                    You know the G45 graphics are great, But I added a GTS250 OC 1Gig card now I can realy power up my Hanns G 28" monitor besides it looks goo too.

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