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    Computer shuts down when starting Windows


      Hi. I have a DP965LT motherboard and recently I have an issue with it. When I turn on the computer and Windows is starting some times the computer shuts down before showing the session start screen. I've been looking for a solution during a week but I haven't been lucky yet. I found a guy with a DG965RY motherboard discussing the same issue.


      The specifications of my computer are:

      - Motherboard Intel DP965LT

      - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1 Ghz processor

      - nVidia GForce 7300 PCI Express 256 MB

      - 3 GB RAM (1 GB DDR 800 Mhz and 2 GB DDR 800 Mhz)

      - SATA HD Maxtor 250GB SATA 7200 RPM, SATA HD Hitachi 250GB 7200 RPM

      - DVD writer LG

      - KWorld TV tunner PCI card

      - OS: Failure started when I was using Windows XP SP3. Then I switched to Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bits. Now I'm testing Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits


      The CPU fan has never failed. The usual temperature is fairly warm. The installed operative system when the shut down issue started was Windows XP SP3.


      The problem started to happen once every three times I turned on the computer. I installed Windows 7 supposing that it was a software problem but the computer was shutting down during installation. I had to format C partition in order to install Windows 7.


      After Windows 7 32 bits was installed the computer worked well for one day. Then it started to shut down again before Windows started. Frequency of failure increased to 3 times before Windows would finally start. Once Windows started the computer has always worked perfectly with Windows XP and 7.


      I updated the BIOS with the latest Intel BIOS available in the Intel website. The problem was still on.


      I activated the AHCI function for SATA hard disks. The problem was still on.


      I removed one DDR memory first and the issue was still happening. Then I removed the second RAM and tried with the first one. The problem was still there.


      The failure continued until Windows collapsed and I had to reinstall it, but i bought a new hard disk. So I removed the SATA Maxtor hard disk and installed a new Hitachi SATA hd. Then I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bits and the shut down problem was still present during installation. Then I reformatted the new HD and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits. It worked but after three restart processes the computer started to shut down again.


      I tried disconnecting the power supply and the IDE cord from the DVD, leaving only one hard disk connected and the problem is still there.


      When I had Windows XP and the problem started I was using NOD32 antivirus. After I switched to Windows 7 I installed Avast Antivirus instead of NOD32.


      I checked the voltage indicators in the BIOS monitoring screen and most voltages are very close to normal values. Some are below and some are over the normal value but it was always the same since I bought the computer two years ago.


      I have no clue about what may be the problem. If it's not the motherboard it may be the power supply but after looking for a solution on the web I didn't find anyone with a similar problem except for this guy using a similar Intel motherboard.


      I appreciate any help or advice.

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          Hi Diegoth,


          As a test, I would remove the motherboard from the chassis and using minimum components (CPU+FAN, 1 stick memory, power supply, graphics card and keyboard) enter the BIOS and let the system sit in BIOS for a few hours and see if it shuts down at all. I would also cross test your power supply if possible. It sounds power related. If all is ok in BIOS for a longish time then try minimum components again but go into Windows and test for shutdowns. If all is ok then put the board back into the chassis and add the other components one at a time whilst checking for shutdown issues. Good luck!



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            Hi, isit. THe problem only happens when Windows is starting. Once the desktop is loaded the computer may work perfectly for hours or days.

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              Hi Diegoth,


              Sorry I slightly mis-understood the description of symptoms - however the power supply may be a factor as when the system starts, fans etc tend to spin up to quite a high RPM before settling. Have you tried a different PSU as a cross-test? Does it happen at the same point during the Windows load, and does it happen in safe mode? Are you saying that it never happens in BIOS?



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                Just as an additional note Diegoth - it is worth cross testing HDD and RAM if possible



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                  Apologies Diegoth - just re-read your POST and I can see that you have cross-tested HDD and RAM!





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                    Haven't read much more than your memory list.  See the product guide for memory.  Adding 1 GB 800 memory should fix.  Why it runs at all I don't know.

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                      Hi, isit. The only thing that I have not cross-tested yet is the power supply and the motherboard.


                      The turn off occurs always at the same point when Windows XP and 7 are loading and the session start screen is about to appear.


                      I will try to get another power supply but I don't think it's a problem of stabilization of RPM in the fans since the issue is present both when I turn the computer on for the first time of the day or when I just reset or even restart Windows.

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                        I'm not sure about what you say regarding the RAM, Curious592. The computer was originally working fine with one 1 GB 800 memory. One year later I installed a second 2 GB 800 memory and everything worked perfectly during months. I have cross-tested the memory and the problem is still present no matter which memory is installed. I doubt that the memory is bad because I've never get error messages in Windows even when I use applications like Photoshop or Dreamweaver and two web browsers simultaneously.

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                          Sorry I knew I should have read the product guide myself.  Since it is so easy to get optimal performance I only think in terms of dual channel configuration.  You are getting single channel with unmatched sizes (1 + 1 and 2 would be dual channel).  I would have suspected the hard drive but you have two different brands.  You seem to have covered so many possibilities and installations it seems unlikely that you are installing drivers in the wrong order but that would cause similar behavior.  Aging components would also.  Perhaps it is one of your programs like a Javascript program you have forgotten about or conflicting default options for media.

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                            The only warning that I got using both memories in the same channel is a probably loss of performance but both are 800 Mhz.


                            The problem started when I was using Windows XP. I was working during at least one year with the last installation of XP so I installed Windows 7 overwritting the previous XP version. During install the problem was still happening so the installation failed. I performed a fast format in C, then installed Windows 7 with no problem in the Maxtor SATA HD. So any drivers or software failure or conflict should have dissapeared then.


                            My fresh installation of Windows 7 started to turn off in the same way than XP did until the boot collapsed and I couldn't start Windows anymore. Supposing that it was a hard disk failure I bought the Hitachi SATA HD and disconnected the Maxtor and installed Windows 7 again. During installation there was the same problem although this new HD was just low level formatted. After a fast format I was able to install Windows 7 in 64 bits mode.


                            The computer was still failing. I was able to format the old HD and it was perfect. I don't think that a driver can be messing with two different OS in three versions: XP 32bits, 7 32bits and 7 64bits.


                            The problem was present even before I reinstalled any software additional to the OS.


                            The last thing that I've done is to reconfigure the BIOS with different options. Now I'm testing it. If the problem dissapears I promise to publish my current BIOS configuration. Maybe the problem was not a misconfiguration since I made no changes in the BIOS prior to the first occurence of the problem, but a change in configuration may cause that the problem dissapears. Who knows. This is my last try before testing another motherboard.

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                              I'm still reading your original post.  Don't generalize to the other DG965RY.  I have a DG965WH so I can use onboard graphics.  This system failed due to incorrect alignment of an 8600GT in an Antec 900 case.  With your usage you would be better off with a better card such as the 7600GS.  I tried that in my system yesterday but it is only DirectX 9 and the slot may have become loose so I don't trust it.  Do you ever hear any pops or bumps?  In any event I would exclude things like the TV tuner card until you know the system works.

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                                If the system fails again I will try removing the TV card. I didn't heard any bumps but after the problem began, three weeks ago I smelled something burnt around the computer but I wasn't able to identify the origin of the smell. It was a strong smell and it lasted only one minute, then dissappeared suddenly. I was afraid that a fan was just burnt but everything seems to work normally and as I said before, once the computer is able to load Windows desktop it works like a charm for hours or days.

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                                  Odors are usually from the power supply and very distinctive.  With your usage I think you are right in considering a new board.  I use a DG45ID now for general use.  It had BIOS issues at first but it works well now.  A startup slowdown that occured recently with Vista was corrected somehow by installing the recovered 8600GT silent.  Avoid dealing with 64-bit any more until you settle on a system.  I'm still wondering when I will convert to 64-bit (I have both versions with Vista Ultimate).  I highly recommend backups to a second drive that is usally disabled.  Anything with liquid capacitors could produce a smell so look around for gray spots or drips.

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                                    I removed the TV tunner card and the problem was still present, soI tried a new power supply and there was a change in the situation. Windows was able to start at first try but the computer suddenly turned off about 5 minutes after session started. I tried a third power supply and until now the computer is working ok. No sudden shut downs and Windows has loaded ok the five times I've turned the computer on with it until now, so I guess that the problem has been finally fixed.


                                    I realize that the old power supply was rather small. It's only 350W and the new one is 600W. I disassembled the old power supply and I noted a dark brown spot over a set of six capacitors but the spot is present around a layer of glue so I can't tell if it's a burnt capacitor or just an aged and dust glue residue.


                                    Thanks to you guys. Your advises helped me to save time of testings.

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