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    CPU for LGA775 Fileserver




      I try to repost my query which wasn´t much frequented in the Processor Section:





      At the moment I´m building a Fileserver for approx. 5 users, so far the system looks like this:


      Intel S3210SHLC

      4x1GB DDR2 ECC Micron


      main purpose is fileserving, backups and encryption via Truecrypt.


      As Truecrypt multithreads very well I´m looking for a decent Quad-Core for enough troughput. I´m pondering now between the Intel Xeon X3330

      (2,66 Ghz / 6MB / 1333FSB) and the X3350 / X3360 ( with 12MB L2 Cache)


      Would the difference between 6 and 12MB L2 Cache be noticeable? The price premium for the 12MB L2 model would be around ~ 70€ , so it is a big difference (almost 50% more expensive than the 6MB model)


      I appreciate any help.