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    Need advice - P8800, T9600, P9500 ?


      I am buying a Lenovo T400 laptop for Photoshop and video editing.  I need advice on selecting a processor. I understand computer basics but am not an advanced user.


      Lenovo recommends the P8800, but I want the T9600.  Performance is a priority and I understand the tradeoff between performance and battery life/heat.  I am willing to give up some battery performance, for the T9600 provided that the laptop will not be uncomfortably hot (I've been reading feedback and reviews about laptops with big heat problems -- Dells that are too hot to touch). 




      1) How do the "hotter" processors affect the longevity of the laptop?  It seems intuitive that a laptop that runs on the warm side would not last as long. 


      2) Would I notice significant performance differences between the P8800, T9600 and P9500?


      3) Any other advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.