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    Intel, what are you going to do about this  i7 Overheating Problem?


      I just got an i7 920,  3 days ago to put in a brand new system.  The boxed fan with paste already attached does not keep the cpu cool.

      My brand new system shut down afer a few hours of just sitting there running nothing.

      I have been building my own systems since the early 80's.

      I updated the bios and put additional paste under the fan and it runs a few degrees cooler but still too hot.


      My case is a Cool Master 902, full tower all grilled, with 4 Huuuge fans in it.  There is no way that cpu should be running hot. Normal op temp with nothing running is 106 deg f.  During any type of application it climbs to 135 deg C.   I'm sure with a big load this cpu will cause a shut-down.



      Intel, you jumped the gun or something.  Why waste your money and ours with a boxed fan which is grossly inadequate.

      Now people will have to go out and try to buy something expensive to cool this thing.  I blew $280.00 on this cpu and i expect it to work.

      Don't you people test these things?  Or did you test it and ignore the results?

      It needs a better cooling system, out of the box.

      Looks like a Class-Action suit in the making to me.  I know that if don't get some satisfaction from Intel, i'll be contacting the U.S. Atorney's Office.