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    How to use mariadb with Python


      maybe one of you guys can help me. i am trying to access the mariaDb over python


      status so far:

      mariadb is up and running


      installed packages:

      mariadb-client - 5.5.43-r0

      mariadb-leftovers - 5.5.43-r0

      mariadb-server - 5.5.43-r0


      and for sql:

      libmysqlclient-dev - 5.5.43-r0

      libmysqlclient18 - 5.5.43-r0

      libmysqld18 - 5.5.43-r0

      libsqlite3-0 - 3:

      libsqlite3-dev - 3:


      i installed the pip tool, but when i execute "pip install MySQLdb" it gives the error message that it cant find an appropriate version


      anyone know more? thank you guys