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    How i would able to instal win vista on D945PLRN motherboard



      Dear, i puchased the intel Motherboard D945 PLRN, and i want to install Windows Vista o.s system, but here is i m feeling a problem at final stage(configuration stage) an error comes, and computer restart suddenly.

      so now i install windows Xp profeesional 32bit, and logon to the intel website to check that either This motherboard(D945 PLRN) supports windows Vista

      OR not, so then i see in product manuals(Guide), there is mention that it supports only

      WINDOWS XP profeesionals

      WINDOWS XP Media Center


      WINDOWS XP x64


      windows 2000..

      dear plz help me and tell me that is there is any possiblities availible?  trough which i could install windows Vista on my computer machine.