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    Compatible Win7 network driver


      For Win 7, I needed a compatible driver for my Intel Pro /1000MT network adapter. I downloaded the driver package Prowin 732.exe. Installed in C:/Windows and opened to error message "Cannot install drivers. No Intel adapters present". Device Manager shows the pro /1000MT adapter.


      Please advise solution.

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          The driver for your adapter is included with Windows 7. There is nothing available to download for that adapter. More information can be found at Is my Intel® Ethernet Adapter supported in Microsoft Windows 7*? I hope this helps.

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            1. After going through the hoops of all the Intel adapter offerings it appears that Intel is no longer supporting the Pro /1000MT adapter. Looks like I'll have to find a PCI card that will work with Win 7 - very hard to find!
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              I am sorry to thear that the Intel adapter does not meet your needs. What feature are you looking for that is missing from the Windows 7 driver? I will be sure to pass on your input to the right people.

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                The Intel adapter worked fine  with Vista. It does not work with Windows 7. I am told that Win 7 has the driver for the Intel adapter, but I get a message of "no connection found" or words to that effect. My ISP also has no solution. I am looking for a wireless PCI card that has the proper drivers - but very hard to find. The card vendors apparently have not yet created the Win7 drivers for the RTM of Win 7.

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                  If I understand you correctly, you are saying you do not get no Internet connection after upgrading to Windows 7. Your network adapter should have basic connectivity in Windows 7 with the driver supplied in Windows 7. I am wondering if you might have had a particular option confgured in your TCP/IP settings or your adapter settings that was not configured after you upgraded to Windows 7.


                  If you go to the command prompt and type "ipconfig/all", what do you get? Can you paste the results here?


                  What switch, router, or other device do you plug the other end of your Ethernet cable into?

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                    I just upgraded from Vista to Win 7 Home  and am using a Intel(R) 82562V-2 10/100, I'm having disconnect problems on an occasional basis and thought I should upgrade my driver.  I currently have a Microsoft driver dated 3/26/2009 Version, but I understand that a new driver is available in the file PROWIN732.exe, however when I run this program I get the error, "Error 1713.Intel(R) Network Connections cannot install one of it's required products, Contact tech support.  Please tell me how to install the new driver.

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                      I went through the network diagnostics again, and the system is trying to establish connection with the Intel adapter. The final message I get is :LAN doesn't have a valid IP configuration." It appears that the problem is how to set up the LAN configuration? I have attached a screen capture of ipconfig/all. Maybe you can shed some light on the issue. I see I am not alone in having a Win7/Netork problem.

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                        Seems like there is something in your Windows installation that is blocking the installer. Since you did an upgrade, there might be something left over from the Vista installation.


                        You might be able to work around the error by uninstalling the existing driver and associated software. Try these steps:

                        1. Open the Windows Control Panel
                        2. Choose Uninstall a program under Programs
                        3. Look for Intel(R) Network Connections. If this program is exists, you will also see a version number as part of the name. For example the current version is listed as Intel(R) Network Connection No matter which version you find select the program to uninstall.
                        4. Make sure all features are checked and click remove.
                        5. After the program is uninstalled, restart Windows
                        6. When Windows starts, device drivers for your adapters will be installed.
                        7. You can then try installing the new drivers from PROWIN732.exe


                        If you don't see Intel(R) Network Connections installed, you can try an uninstall of the network connection driver in Windows Device Manager.

                        1. Open Windows Device Manager (In the Control Panel, the Device Manager is found under Devices and Printers under Hardware and Sound.
                        2. Find your network connection under Network Connections.
                        3. Open the properties of the Network Connection
                        4. Go to the Driver tab
                        5. Pick Uninstall
                        6. After the driver is uninstalled, you can try installing the new drivers from PROWIN732.exe


                        I hope this helps. Good luck.


                        Mark H

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                          From the screenshot you sent, the problem appears to be that you are not receiving an IP address from your network. I am guessing that the reason the network connection worked in Vista is because you had a fixed IP address configured to work with your network.


                          Have you tried powering the equipment you use to connect to the Internet off and back on? If you were getting an IP address from that equipment before, then resetting the equipment might fix the problem. If you cannot get an IP address from your network equipment, you will need to configure the Windows Network Connection with an IP address that works with your other equipment.


                          If you are plugged straight into DSL or a cable modem, you might need help from your Internet provider getting connected with the right IP address. If you have your own home network equipment, you will have to use the manual for that equipment to see how to setup your IP addresses.


                          I hope this information has helped you to know where to look for a fix. Good luck.


                          Mark H

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                            I went through your procedure but unfortunately I receved the same message as before when trying to install the PRO732 drivers which is "No Intel device found". I think that's the end of the line as I am inclined to go to a wireless PCI NIC which can run at the IEEE N speed. However, thank you for your help. I'm a great Intel fan, but at this point, I have to get the Win7 machine connected to do useful work.

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                              Hi, i have same problem.

                              I have integrated lan in MB DP55WG, before i had win Vista 64bit and there was no problem with network driver. But today i update system to win7 64bit and i can't instal any lan driver. Win7 everytime send me message : Cannot install drivers. No Intel(R) adapters are present in this computer.


                              I was trying to uninstal all software and uninstall network hardware. And install PROWIN7X64.exe, but win send me only message as i said above: no intel(r) adapters are present in this computer.


                              I don't know what to do, try another drivers or what?

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                                The PROWIN7X64.exe file has the right driver in it, so something is keeping Windows from reading the right hardware identification for your network connection.


                                Make sure that the LAN has not been disabled in BIOS.
                                Make sure you are using the latest version of PROWIN7X64.exe.

                                If your network connection is enabled in BIOS and, you have downloaded and tried the latest version of PROWIN7X64.exe, then you should probably contact technical support for help. You should be able to get support from your computer manufacturer.

                                If you bought a boxed desktop board for your computer, you can get help from Intel Customer Support.


                                After you resolve your issue, please share your solution back here.

                                Mark H

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                                  I do not know if this will help  or it may be too late but I was able to fix this issue by forcing a reinstall of the NDIS61 driver (the same driver installed with win 7)from the release 14.8.3 web cd download once I did this I was able to install the PROWIN732.exe drivers and now I have have access to all the features in device manager.

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                                    My solution for the DP55WG motherboard was updating the BIOS.

                                    When updated I had with a cold reboot immediately connection.