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    OS always booting video through DVI conection (only HDMI monitor are pluged)


      Hi, I’m using a DG45FC board connected to a TV through an HDMI connection but every time I reboot the system windows starts sending the image to the DVI interface, so I need to connect an adapter and send back the image to HDMI again!

      My configuration are:

      Board: DG45FC with 117 BIOS

      Processor: Pentium Dual Core E2180

      HD: Samsung 160GB

      Memory: 2 x 1GB Kingston Value RAM

      OS: Windows XP with all updates until today and with all last versions of the intel drivers (including graphic one)


      When there is no graphic driver installed it boot through the correct monitor, but I don’t know if it sends image to both interfaces when there is no driver because I have only one monitor…