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    Intel Little Falls II wont do gigabit lan on windows home server


      Hi all,


      I've bought an Intel Little Falls II for a Windows Home Server (running PowerPack 2) and it is connected to my neatgear 8 port gigabit switch with a cat5e cable. However, it will only do 100Mbps and not 1Gbps. I've remote desktoped to the WHS and checked the network settings and even changed the speed link to 1Gb Full Duplex, but it still only does 100Mb.


      I cant figure out why it wont run over 100Mb, I've even downloaded the latest realtec lan drivers for windows 2003 to see if it helped but no good.


      The cat5e cable is only about 1 metre long, whereas my other computer on the network that supports gigabit (asus striker 2 formula motherboard) handles 1Gb no problem and it is on a cat6 cable of about 10 metres to a cat6 socket and then from the socket to the computer over a cat5e cable of about a metre, so the cable is far longer on the computer that handles 1Gb (which also proves my switch is ok).


      Any ideas?