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    Intel Core i9

      does any1 know release date,im buying new pc and im thinking of buying core i7 940 but idk is that a smart choice since i've heard i9's are goin to be released soon.X_X and is i7 940 enougt for next gen games?

      thanks for help in advance.

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          all we know at the moment is Q1/10.  It depends on what you do with your computer, it's likely that the i9 will have lower clockspeed than i7.

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            Even if the Core i9 has a slower clock speed than the Core i7's do it has 2 more phisical cores and 4 total additional cores ( with the 2 phisical and hyperthreading) making it a 12 core system. And if the overclocking abilities of the Core i7's are any indication of what it will be like on the Core i9's then the speed isnt really relavent. Example, you can easily overclock a Core i7-920 from the native 2.66 GHz to 4.2 GHz with air cooling. It all comes down too the price and availibility of the new CPU's. The Core i9's are going to be socket LGA 1366 if im not mistaken which is the same as the core i7's so if you buy a core i7 then you can upgrade later to a core i9 without changing the motherboard. I would suggest getting the core i7-920 because of the ability to overclock well and the fact that its under $300.

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              I would suggest you to ask Intel experts directly on 26th Feb 2010 through live Q&A. They are running Live Chat session on Intel Technologies, visit the link and register yourself to get most out of Intel Technologies at http://www.intellivechat.com/facebook.html

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                Hi , can i know how much price that Core i9.

                Can i replace Core i3 with Core i5 or i7 and how much price i must pay ?

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                  Hi midohelali,


                  At this point we have Intel® Core i3, Intel® Core i5 and Intel® Core i7 only but not Core i9 processors.