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    2699V3 vs 2696V3


      I am curious as to the differences between the Xeon E5-2699 V3 and the Xeon E5-2696 V3 they seem to have similar specifications, and are they both compatible with various 2011-3 motherboards?


      Also can I purchase a E5-2698A V3 that seems to be lenovo oem from intel or lenovo?




      Thanks for your time.

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          Hi Aurora426,


          I am sorry for the answer delay.


          Both Intel® Xeon® Processors are Tray; this means the processors are pre-installed on Server systems (OEM). They are from the same family.

          The E5-2699V3 has more cache memory: 45MB. It has 18 Cores and 36 Threads and requires 145W.


          The comparison chart provides with the main features of the processors.


          The processors are compatible with several boards; however, it is necessary to contact the system manufacturers and request the list of models available with these processors.


          Mike C