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    Windows 10 and Intel Rapid Start Technology


      I have a 2013 XPS 15 (9530) and just performed a clean Windows 10 install on it, and whilst putting everything back I realized that the Intel Rapid Start Application has not been updated since 2013 (not be confused with Intel Rapid Store Technology, also IRST, not confusing at all).


      So my question is ..... should I bother with Rapid Start anymore or has this been superseded by anything (in Windows 10 perhaps). The current XPS BIOS (just updated) still has support for rapid start, but there does not seem to be any new software for Windows 10. I have installed the last version of Rapid Start (the 2013 one) and it is running fine on Win10, or at least I haven't seen any problems, but it seems strange that Intel has not released any new software for it in 2 years. Am I missing something? Does Win10 not need rapid start?


      Any feedback on this would be appreciated.

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          Please be aware that Intel SRT is not supported under Win 10 at this point. My recommendation at this point is to check with Dell directly and confirm if they have any step to install and make the Intel SRT work under win 10.


          Kevin M

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            Thanks Kevin for your reply, and yes, I probably should check with Dell, but wanted to get an Intel point of view on this as its Intel tech, and Dell so far has not been able to answer me.


            As mentioned, I can get it working on Win10, even with the 2013 software, so I could just leave it as is, but of course if its not meant to be working on Win10, then I would rather remove it and avoid any unforeseen issues.


            So being more specific, I can easily do a clean install, should I enable rapid start, so not. Doing so will also free up 16GB of space which is currently partitioned for IRST, so if there are really no benefits to having IRST, I would prefer to leave it out.