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    Core 2 quad Q6700 @ 2.66GHz running at 950MHz - Why???


      I'm throwing this out to all techies who may be able to shed some light onto this issue that i have.


      First, my system:


      EVGA 680i mainboard

      Q6700 2.66GHz quad core CPU

      Corsair HX850w PSU

      XFX GTS250 1Gb GPU

      4Gb RAM (2x corsair 1Gb & 2x kingston 1Gb)

      WD 500Gb Caviar Black HDD

      Plus a few extra's - extra HDD, wireless PCI card, 1x IDE DVD/RW, 1x SATA DVD/RW


      Running Vista Ultimate SP2 32bit


      Now, the problem:


      Whilst running the Windows Performance Test I noticed that i was only getting 5.5 WEI. The RAM, the graphics and the HDD were all getting 5.9 subscores but the CPU was letting the side down. I have just built another PC for my dad with similar components but a 2.33GHz Q8200 CPU, and noticed that this one gets the compliment of 5.9 subscores. THEN, i noticed that system details for his processor reads 'Q8200 @2.33GHz 2.33GHz' where as mine reads 'Q6700 @ 2.66GHz 950Mhz'. (see pic below) What is going on here??? Do i understand correctly that my processor is running very slowly, more slowly than it should? Or do i have a less powerful one?? If there is something wrong with my machine, how do i know? and how do i resolve it??


      CPU problem.jpg


      Any help would be gratefully received.


      Many thanks



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          Have tried to overclock in your bios settings? - If they weren't accepted they may have defaulted back to slower settings. Also check the settings for your ram timing and voltage as the mixed ram types may have different requirements.

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            Thanks for advice Eddy


            I checked the BOIS settings and changed all setting on the chipset and RAM pages to default. The processor mulitiplier was set to 7 and resetting to default changed it to 10 (MAX). This, in turn, slowed the processor to 660Mhz. So, i went back and dropped the multiply to the lowest setting (6) and tried again. Now the processor, in system properties, is showing 1.1GHz. Now what??? I haven't tried overclocking at all but, could my processor be fried or is the BOIS playing up. I really don't have much of a clue.


            Anyone else got any ideas?

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              Sorry youre still having problems. Intel spec for the Q6700 is a multiplier of 10 and cpu base frequency of 266, and an fsb at 1066 max. You could also see what happens with only one memory type present in case that makes a difference. Unfortunately, if it doesn't run at full speed on the recommended settings you could have physical issue with the processor or motherboard.