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    Losing freespace on SSD X25-M 160GB G2




      I have a 160GB SSD as windows/application. it came to my attention that i currently have only 30 GB left free space, which surprised me. I didnt install much on the drive. So I started to investigate it;

      opened a dosbox and did: dir * /s; the result:

            Total Files Listed:
            142356 File(s) 30,204,940,918 bytes
            61206 Dir(s)  32,397,701,120 bytes free

      30GB with files and 32GB free = 62GB on a 160GB drive, I miss almost 100GB of space!

      I tried with Treesize pro, showed same result. 100GB seems to be missing.

      Checked the firware (Intel SSD toolbox, word 23-26); 2CV102G9

      which seems ok.


      What can i do to reclaim the 100Gb ?


      thanks in advance,