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    Network from NUC BIOS - should it work?



      I noticed that there is a network options in NUC Live BIOS that looks like should be able to access network from within BIOS.

      However in my case it does not.

      I connected NUC (5i5RYH) using 1GB wire connected to router with DHCP server enabled. It works fine when I boot into a Windows 10 but from Live BIOS it's always no connection and looks like no IP as well.

      (of course NIC enabled etc.)


      Any idea should it work at all? ::) And if "yes" how to make it work.

      Also, I interested to know  what it can be used for besides BIOS updates?


      Thank you.

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          Cesar Badilla

          Hello LordKiRon,


          The option to boot into Network is the "Legacy PXE". which normally involves booting a computer from firmware  which means it loads data contained on a read-only-memory (ROM) or programmable read-only-memory (PROM) chip  instead of booting from a data contained on a magnetic media(HDD). Based on this information we get reference to the terminologies "PXE boot ROM" or "PXE boot PROM".


          When the Intel® NUC is booting from ROM or PROM it  removes the dependency on an electro-mechanical device (the physical hard drive HDD) which enhances reliability and eliminates drive read-write errors. With current memory technology, booting from ROM or PROM is faster than booting from mechanical or electro-mechanical drives, thus "PXE" can be also used to boot a computer from a network.


          Based on this information. Are you trying to boot to a PXE boot ROM" or PXE boot PROM" image?


          Which Operating System are you trying to Boot?



          Caesar B.