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    Intel igfxTray Module has stopped working - HD 4600 Graphics - Fixed



      Dell XPS 15 9530

      OS Windows 8.1 64bit build 9600 

      Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce GT 750m

      Display - Intel HD 4600 3200 x 1800

      Processor - Intel i7-4702HQ CPU @ 2.2GHz

      Bios Version - Dell A08. The latest.





      Issues: igfxTray has stopped working (on the right of the picture) with Event Viewer

      Even Viewer with Error for igfxTray Module has stopped working.JPG



      I was getting the igfxTray Module has stopped working, driver version, only after I updated NVIDA Graphics GT 750m driver.

      The igfxTray Module would only appear after I turn off the laptop and turn it back on.

      This continued to happen after formatting Windows for the second time when updating NVIDIA GT 750m driver.

      There wasn't any problems with hardware issues as I ran a Diagnostics through powering off PC, pressing F8, pressing F12 to select Boot Options, and then selecting Diagnostics.



      Running Intel Driver Update Utility didn't find an update for Intel HD 4600 driver version, below:

      Intel Driver Update Utility for Graphics.JPG



      Searching Intel website for driver update resulted in this:

      Driver THIS.JPG



      After searching websites, including this, nothing I found that could help me fix this issue. What I did was uninstalled the Intel HD 4600 Drive from the Device Manager,


      and make sure to check the box to uninstall the software. After the uninstall, restart your computer. The Device Manager will show MS generic display, under Display adaptor.


      Then click on Windows Updates to get the latest drivers for Intel HD 4600. The driver for the Intel HD 4600 that I updated through Windows Update is


      The igfxTray Module does not appear after turning off the laptop and back on. I've been using it for a few days without any issues. 




      If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to ask.