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    Issues with N2230 wireless card


      Hi all,


      I am trying to install an Intel Centrino Wireless card N2230 in a mini PC with an Asrock Intel N3150-ITX mainboard, running Windows 7 Professional, 64bit. It's not working, though. Out of the box, the system configuration shows me a Bluetooth device (which is obviously the N2230 card), but no Wifi card.


      I downloaded the very latest drivers for Win7-64bit from the Intel website, but that just makes things worse. Upon reboot, the windows logo moves just reeeeeeaaaaaallllllyyyyyy slow (hardly at all, in fact) and never completes. System restoration will ultimately crash (I see the screen where I can confirm returning to the last configuration, but hitting ENTER does nothing). When I remove the card, the computer will boot normally, and when I reinsert the card, I'm back to the initial status (Bluetooth device, but no Wifi card detected - booting without issues).


      Does anyone have a clue what this is supposed to tell me? Computer seems to be fine with a different Wifi card, so I see two options:


      1. Card and mainboard models are not compatible. If so, how could I have found out, and - more importantly - where can I find reliable information to make sure my next pick is actually compatible?


      2. Card is defective. Means it will work if I have it replaced with a different N2230.


      Any ideas? Many thanks in advance!