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    DPDK SR-IOV need your help


      I have couple of doubts in SR-IOV & DPDK co-existence. I'm having clear understanding of DPDK in non virtual environment.



      But when I get in to virtual environment(Host-Guest), I'm bit confused of DPDK's role in HOST & GUEST machines.



      1. SR-IOV transferring the packets from physical NIC to guest VM(through VF).


      Why can't we transfer the packets from Host-NIC to application space of VM? Rather than transferring the packet(from Host NIC) to the kernel space of VM's OS.



      2. I refer some document from intel, If we spawn VMs we should run the DPDK in the application space of VMs.


         Then the DPDK application fetching the packets from virtual function(VF) or vNIC through poll mode driver.


         Please let me know what is functionality of DPDK between hypervisor and HOST's kernel if I enabled the SR-IOV mode in the physical NIC.



      3. Can I run the TCP/IP stack in user space of the VM ? If my NFV application need TCP/IP stack?



      4. I think DPDK will accelerate the VM-VM(Guest to Guest) communication through OpenvSwitch. But How DPDK will accelerate??



      5. Whether DPDK will work on guest OS(VM) as same as host os(real environment) ? Please let me know the DPDK functionality changes in virtual and real environment.



      I request you all, Pls help me to go ahead!!!