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    DDR3 supporting on the i7 series


      Hey there.

      I have to ask one questiong, I didn't ding the answer on the official site in the documentation. It's still a trouble to me, that's why decided to post here.

      I'm gotta buy an i7 processor, to be exact, i7-950. I've just reader these sweets can't handle the memory's frequency over than 1066 Mhz. Am I wrong? I missed something? It will be installed on a Rampage II Extreme motherboard from Asus and I will having a triple 2048Mb kit with 2000Mhz on them. As far as I know from the specification the motherboard is supporting this frequency at all. But what with the processor?


      I also got reader that i7 Extreme can works with greater frequencies. I have the budged and can't afford an ability to buy it for myself.


      Any advices will be appreciated, thank you.