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    Upgrading Edison beyond firmware version 56


      I've got some new Edison boards and was trying to upgrade the firmware. I could never get the Flash tool to detect my boards, so I went with the manual process.


      I downloaded a zip file from a link on Intel's page that was labelled as the latest firmware ( http://downloadmirror.intel.com/25028/eng/edison-image-ww25.5-15.zip ).


      I followed the instructions for flashing my device with the mini breakout board.(IoT - Flashing the firmware on a system with Windows* (manual process) | Intel® Developer Zone)


      In a nutshell this involved just moving the unzipped files to the root of the Edison drive and then running the command 'reboot ota' on the Edison. The Edison reboots, does a few things, and when it's all done I see things are back to a factory state (my user names and passwords are gone) and I type 'cat /etc/version' and get the following:




      Is this the latest version? I don't think that it is as I'm assuming the 2014-08-20 in the name is a build date and I'm pretty sure there's been another build sometime within the past 13 months. If this is not the latest version can someone confirm that the link above is indeed the latest version and that the process that I followed is the right way to reflash the board?



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          Okay, I've found some information on what was going wrong. Being completely new at using an Edison I started on the "Getting Started" pages. Unfortunately it seems that the links in those pages that are labeled as referring to the latest firmware updates do not actually refer to the latest firmware updates. After a lot of digging around I was able to find a later firmware update at https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24389. While this is *not* the latest firmware it does provide a pathway to the latest firmware version. Go ahead and install it.


          After installing it the configure_edison command will show some arguments that are not available in the firmware version that "getting started" refers to. Assuming you've gone ahead and have setup WiFi on your edison typing "configure_edison --upgrade" will cause it to download the latest update (around 125 Mb at the time I tried it). The device takes a few minutes to upgrade, reboots, and then it's done.