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    750 PCIe not recognized when memory is set to 3000 MHz


      Motherboard: Evga z170 classified

      CPU: i7-6700k

      Memory: G.Skill F4-3000C15Q-16GRK (4x4GB DDR4-3000)

      Boot SSD: Samsung 850 Pro

      SSD: 750 PCIe 1.2TB

      GPU: Asus GTX 980 STRIX


      I have noticed that when I set my memory to 3000 Mhz in the bios this SSD doesn't initialize. The bios acts as if nothing is in the slot it's in. I've tried different slots as well.


      Other than that my system is stable. Ran a stress test overnight with no issues.


      CPU is running stock. I'm technically overclocking the memory controller with this ram though. Is this just a limitation of the integrated memory/io controller or is there something else I'm missing?