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    82567LM-3 Gigabit Network Connection problems


      I'm a newbie so pls bear with me. I'm running Win XP Pro on a  HP Compaq dc7900 Small Form Factor Business desktop. Worked like a charm for 10 months then I could not connect to the internet. The  ISP tech worked 3 hours before giving up. He installed a wireless adapter and declared my net card must be bad.


      The next day I downloaded a newer HP driver and it worked until I shut down the computer. That was 6 weeks ago. Today the ISP tech said it's a software problem! HP said to backup my data and restore the system. Is this my only option?


      I ran the diagnostic test from the "Link Speed" page of the Intel 82567LM-3  Gig Network Connection Properties . The Connection Failed
      Test Details:
      This adapter is configured to obtain an IP address automatically but no DHCP server is present on the network. Windows selected an IP address using Alternate Private IP Addressing.
      No gateway is available for this connection
      No WNS server is available for this connection
      No DHCP server is available for this connection

      Ping DNS FAILED   The tech had me change TCP/IP setting from Obtain DNS automatically to Use the following DNS addresses

      Ping DNS FAILED

      Link speed:100MBPS. The link partner is not capable of higher speeds.


      It passed the cable test but failed the Loopback test.


      Another test showed Invalid IP address


      After changing the TCP/IP back to Obtain IP address automatically I ran the test again.

      NO servers configured.

      This test relies on a response from a gateway, DNS, DHCP or WNS server. If none are present on the server the test can not be run.


      Anyone else have this sort of problem or know how to fix it?