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    Why does Intel Driver Update Utillity display wrong chipset version?


      I installed drivers on a new system. Since Acer for some weird reason doesn't provide GPU Windows 10 drivers (they do but on download page it says Broadwell and i have Haswell) i downloaded Intel Driver Update utillity. I didn't even look what driver it downloaded since i already had drivers installed by Windows Update, but af6ter install i got lots of errors so i restarted my PC and uninstalled the driver, and let the Windows install its own. Then i ran Windows Update again and it showed that it recognised it as 3rd gen processor, but as far as i know i5 4210U is 4th gen processor. How could that hapen?

      Also does anyone know are there even Windows 10 drivers or how to instal as i appear to have version 10.x.x. installed?