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    DX79TO, instadiscks checking in SSD RAID0


      DX79TO; 2x512 SSD RAID0, SATA3; (ADATA ASP900S3-512GM-C)  Raid driver is up of date of this motherboard (; 2012), just updated by Intel(R) Driver Update Utility 2.2; Discks without bads (Victoria). After few days of using, when power on, or just reboot, computer starting disck check. And next, after few weeks he will froze at this stage (can't boot windows 7 x64, and bootfix bootmbr dosn't helping). But, if load computer from another raid value, i can use files from this first raid. How to fix this damn error? Maybe there is a new RAID driver for this motherboard?

      Before this, i used RAID0 with 2xWD10EARX, about year, and all was fine.