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    Source for USB 2.0 header cable compatible with NUC5CPYH


      I have a NUC5CPYH and need access to the two USB 2.0 ports that are available on the motherboard.  The specification for this motherboard header as described by the Intel documentation is "Front panel dual-port USB 2.0 header (1.25 mm pitch)".  I'm attempting to locate a cable that plugs into this motherboard header with two female USB 'A' style ports on the end.


      I didn't realize that this part would be so hard to source.  Here's who I've checked so far without success: direct via Intel, Frys, and Microcenter.  I've also searched a bit on Amazon and Startech.com to no avail.  It would be very much appreciated if someone could point me to a US-based supplier.  Also, custom is not an option as this thing shouldn't cost more than $10.