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    SSD 520 high activity


      I’m experiencing strange behaviour of my SSD 520 (120GB) in Lenovo Thinkpad T61. The first time I realized it was running with W7: sometimes (without any presage) the disk activity highs up to 100% while 2nd drive (hdd) is idle. The drive overload usually lasts about 10-30 seconds. While it is in peak period sometimes the computer does not response for any inputs (clicking, typing) Another time it lets me to change windows, listening music etc. but cancels some other activities (loading browser pages, typing). It is very very annoying. I tried with/without factory drivers but no affect. After this I made a clean install of W8.1. The drive overload happend significantly rare, but it was still there:

      • no task/process/service is running
      • disk usage is 100% for 10-30 seconds
      • often computer can’t response

      After the peak time, everything is good. I also tried W10 but no change. For a final attempt today morning I started the W10 installation after I removed the other HDD/ODD from the UltraBay drive preventing Windows to install any unnecessary controller drivers. And God can see my soul: the drive overload still happened exactly in the time when W10 installation was in finishing phase.

      What should I do ? The drive is still under warranty (S/N: CVCV430003K3120BGN) Intel SSD Toolbox says the drive has perfect condition. Is there any other diagnostic tool ?