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    Expander Back plain


      I’m running out of ideas I need some fresh thoughts on this issues.

      This is a new server I’m building, when the system is powered on you get the following message after the boot process reaches the RAID card.


      “All Disks From your Previous Configuration Are Gone. If This Is An unexpected Message, The Please Power Off Your System And Check Your Cables To Ensure All Disks Are Present.

      Press Any key To Continue or ‘C’ To Load The Configuration Utility.”


      If you hit the rest button at this point the server reboots and goes to the OS with no problems. Any thoughts on what might be causing this problem?


      2x BX80602E5520 Intel Quad-Core Xeon E5520 / 2.26 GHz
      2x BXSTS100 Intel Thermal Solution Processor cooler
      S5520HC Intel Server Board S5520HC – Motherboard
      2x KVR133D3D8R9SK3/6GI  RAM
      AXX6DRV3GEXP Intel Drive Expander - Storage 6 bay adapter
      AXX4DRV3GEXP Intel Drive Expander - Storage 4 bay adapter
      SRCSASBB8I Intel RAID Storage controller
      AXXRSBBU6  INTEL - Intel RAID Smart Battery
      6x WD1002FBYS Western Digital RE3 Hard Drive


      S5520HC - BIOS42, BMC45, ME1.11
      SRCSASBB8I -  1.40.62-0665
      AXX6DRV3GEXP – tested: 2.14, 2.12 and  2.09


      Back Ground Information

      When the drives are plugged directly in to the RAID card there are no problems.