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    Use Edison as a USB HID for PC


      Hi everyone,


      there are several loose ends in this forum in terms of using the Edison as a USB HID for a PC.


      Now, for my use case, I would like to transmit a text from the edison to a textbox on a Windows PC (alas "pasting it into a textbox").


      Do you have any ideas on this?


      I'm a somehow experienced programmer in terms of Windows, but quite new to Linux. I've already worked with microcontrollers on an arduino level, and even built some small projects. So, there is some kind of knowledge.


      I've searched of references for the raspberry pi, because I thought that it might work similiar. But there is obviously not much reference for that. Do you have any idea on how I could proceed? I'd like to keep the small footprint of the Edison intact, so attaching an Arduino Uno or even a Teensy is not an option.



      Just to clarify: I would like to use a usb connection between the pc and the Edison. Bluetooth might be an option, WiFi is not.