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    Bluetooth not working - ASUS UX305F




      I recently purchased an ASUS UX305F which comes with Windows 8 - I formatted and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and have all features up and running aside from Bluetooth. I've spent ~2 days trying to figure this out and am pretty much stumped - I hope someone here can help me figure this out.


      My issue is that Bluetooth does not show up at all in device manager, or when right clicking on the laptop under devices (Bluetooth doesn't show up under the list of options there).  I've tried using the Intel driver update utility (Bluetooth download always times out for some reason) but it didn't provide any help - I manually downloaded and installed the latest software versions (18.12.x as I recall) and the Bluetooth patch  but no dice.


      I then found the following site (Intel® Wi-Fi Products — Bluetooth® Software Compatibility with WiFi Software Versions) so I tried installing older/outdated versions of wifi software and bluetooth (17.16.10 and 17.1.1501.01 respectively), but I still am not seeing Bluetooth at all in device manager and I cannot pair.


      The thing is at some point in my attempts to get this work I must have had bluetooth working as I was able to pair it to a device but it wasn't working - this may have been when I initially installed 8.1 drivers from (maybe from ASUS' support site), but since it wasn't working I uninstalled.


      I als tried using FN+F2 keys on the keyboard to try adn enable Bluetooth but although I can see the enable/disable of Wireless/Bluetooth turning on and off it has no function - even if I turn wireless off it doesn't break my internet connection (all other functions such as volume or brightness change work).


      Can anyone advise how I can get Bluetooth working here?