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    Temporary loss of video display on Intel BayTrail SoC (E3800-series) Atom when logging off in Windows 7 or resuming from sleep


      I have come across a strange issue with the BayTrail E3845 Atom processor where you temporarily lose video output during a Windows 7 logoff or resume from system sleep.


      The specifics are:

      * OS installation is Windows 7 pro 64bit

      * BIOS set to LVDS output

      * Panel Auto detect: OFF (as there is no panel EDID present)

      * Display resolution set to 1024x768@60Hz


      Intel specific graphics drivers tested:

      > Intel_EMGD.WIN7_PC_Version_37_15_0_1127 (Intel® Embedded Media and Graphics Configuration Editor for Windows 7 64 Bit Version Number; and

      > win64_153332 (Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7 and Windows 8 64Bit Rev. 15.33.32)


      In the Graphics control panel, the display resolution is set to 1024x768 and configured for a single display.


      When you log off Windows or resume from a sleep state, you temporarily lose the video output where I can only describe it as watching the blue fireplace channel.

      It happens for anywhere between 1 - 3 minutes before the video output is restored.


      Steps to obtain the ‘blue fireplace anomaly’
      • Boot into Windows
      • Start menu > Log off OR
      • Start menu > Sleep (and resume from sleep)


      Takes about 1-10 tries to witness it.