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    Won't start




      I've had the stick for about a 2 weeks, and had been working fine


      However, now it won't boot.

      Its power by the supplied cord and power adapter. Its plugged into a TV via a known working HDMI cord.

      The blue power light comes on, but that is it.

      No display is shown at all.

      Nothing has changed with the set up from working one day and not the next!

      This is the second time it has happened to me. I had the exact same problem with a previous stick. I assumed that was faulty. Is there something I'M doing wrong or am I unlucky twice?


      Any help is greatly appreciated

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          I can't turn it off. Holding the power button down for 1 second or minute (or anywhere inbetween) does nothing

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            Hello Cirsten,


            Thank you for joining the Intel community.


            I’m confused, you can’t turn off the unit or you can turn it on?


            If your system boot please try the following:

            For the Intel® Compute Stick with Ubuntu.

            1. From a power-off state (the blue LED is not lit), Start the computer and press the F10 key during boot to open the Boot Menu.
            2. Select the Ubuntu Recovery boot device.
            3. Follow all prompts for Ubuntu recovery.