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    Intel 10Gbit Card X540-T1 changes its Hardware ID?




      we have bought 3 of these expensive cards and for the second time now the following has happened:


      these cards came as




      and the installation of the the newest Win7 64bit drivers 20.3 went just fine and the network card worked

      perfectly. The problem now is, once the PC shut down/cold booted the network disappeared and instead

      an unknown ethernet controller is found by the device manager listed as follows:


      It is then of course not possible anymore to install any driver for it, not even manually

      inserting DEV_1512 into the .inf file works (device cannot be started code 10). Also

      the Ctrl-S dialog to get into the card doesn't come up anymore after the Bios screen.

      It looks as if the card is brain dead or several bits flipped or whatever.

      This is now the second time under Win7 64bit with an HP 8100 Workstation. Under

      Win81 64bit on a 2 Dell workstations the cards work very well even after several

      complete shutdowns.

      What can we do? Why and how does this happen? I have already RMA'd one card

      and got a replacement but now the same is happening again and we can not believe

      what we see. Hardware ID's are changing, how's that possible, what's going on??

      What should we do with this, does anyone have any idea how this can be fixed???

      Any help please? Thank you!


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