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    Boot hangs at 5A


      Lately, my Systemax computer has hung at the Intel splash screen with "5A" in the bottom right corner of the display. This started with several spontaneous reboots; then it started hanging. I thought it was a memory problem -- removed all 4 memory cards, put back 1 at a time, still happened but would sometimes boot correctly. I removed the PCI sound card I installed (that has been in for quite a while) and that seems to have solved it. But I am also getting low or insufficient memory messages when I try to do fairly simple things (such as recording sound using the onboard recorder). Any ideas? Systemax wants me to ship the computer back for warranty service despite 3 year, on-site warranty -- on the grounds that they can't diagnose it over the phone and won't send a tech unless they know exactly what nees to be done. So much for "on site."

      Motherboard: Intel DQ35JO, memory: 4 gig DDR2 PC6400 800 mHz Dual Channel (1 x4), Processor: Interl Core2 Duo E8400 GHz 6M 1333mHz, video" ATI RAdeon HD3650 1GB PCIe.  OS is XP Pro with SP2. Computer reports installed RAM as 3.24 GB.

      Thank you.

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          Update -- Taking out the sound card did not fix it, after all. It ran smoothly for several hours. Then I shut it down and it has not restarted yet, despite several attempts. At this moment, it is hung at a blank screen -- it didn't even get to the Intel screen this time. Repeated tries will probably get it back to the 5A hang, however. Help, please!

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            i have a same problem like you,
            Do you have to solve this problem?

            i have DP965LT main board