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    Wake on Lan with Intel D865GBF & Realtek 8139D NIC


      I have an intel D865GBF mobo without integrated LAN, & an add on PCI card Realtek 8139D with


      vendor as Quantum.


      I need to get the wake on LAN capability to work properly. Both the peripherals support the


      feature. I am also able to wake up my PC from sleep state S1 through LAN, by sending a magic


      packet, but am unable to wake it up from sleep state S3.
      The S3 state I realized in my case also shuts down my LAN card power, which I guess it


      should not do.


      The troubleshooting steps I have done :
      - BIOS settings for power : wake on LAN from S5 -> enabled; State on PME -> power on; Sleep


      state -> S3;
      - Device NIC config : Advanced- Wake On Lan capabilities -> enabled; Wake on ARP/Ping ->


      enabled; Wake on Shutdown -> enabled; Wake on Magic packet;
      - Device config : Power management - Allow PC to shutdown this device to consume power ->


      enabled; I have tried with disabling it also but no success; Allow this device to wake up PC


      -> enabled;


      Please help me regarding this. I need to get this up running asap. Also is it possible that


      for this mobo, I have to insert the NIC card in a specific slot to give it power ?