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    DZ75ML-45K, Motherboard is not booting




      I have the motherboad with Intel Core i3-3220 processor running on it.

      It was working fine for an year or so.

      But yesterday when I changed the bios setting AHCI disabled, and gave save and exit, the bios got hanged, mouse pointer didnt move.

      So I pressed reset button.


      Then after reset, the bios doesnt boot at all.

      I tried resetting CMOS by removing the battery, but it didnt solve the problem.

      The STDBY led in motherboard is blinking continuously(in intervals of 1 secs) and the bios never loads.

      No display in monitor.


      I had graphics card Zotax Gefore GT210, I removed that card and connected it to onboard graphics, but no display.

      I removed RAM and checked, it beeps and placed ram back in, but the stand by led blinks.


      After switching on, The Power LED is stable, rear fan in cabinet and cooling fan for processor is running continuously.


      Kindly help me resolve the problem.