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    STCK1A32WFC Fails to boot Windows 8, shows "your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart."


      Product started properly yesterday when I received it, so I was able to set it up and start using it.

      Tried to use it today and it fails to boot into Windows. It attempts to start up, then comes up with a blue screen, with the following text "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you."

      It then re-starts, showing "Preparing Automatic Repair", which is then followed with a blank blue screen, and nothing more happens.

      I have attempted to plug in a USB hub and thus a wired mouse and keyboard (I had been using a Logitech K410 Wireless Keyboard), and attempted to use the F8 Windows 8.1 Recovery Mode, but that also has the same effect.

      This is incredibly frustrating, as I only got the device yesterday. I called 1800 649 931, and left my information, but have not heard back yet.

      I am using the included power adapter that came with the device to power it.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'd really like to use this, rather than go back to using the Chromecast this was purchased to replace.

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          Cesar Badilla

          Hello TroyWilkins


          Could you try to recover the Intel® Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC by using a wired keyboard and using the power adapter. It is necessary to press the power button and keep tapping F8 in order to access the recovery options .


          Please make sure your Intel® Compute  Stick BIOS is updated  please refer to pages 12 and 13 of the Intel® Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC user Guide  http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/stck1a32wfc/sb/stck1a32wfc_eng_userguide01.pdf


          If the issue persists please contact us by using the Intel® support website, email, chat or phone support.

          Contact Support



          Caesar B.

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            I am reviving this old thread as I have experienced the very same problem just last night. My W32 stick is about three months old. I am still using the pre-installed Windows 8.1


            Prior to this I have been receiving windows update failures and high disk usage caused by Windows Error Reporting.


            Last night as my maintenance I restarted the stick and I got the same error.


            I have tried every solution to from the Windows troubleshooting and recovery but none of them worked.


            I have tried all of the following options:


            1. System Restore - Did not solve the issue.
            2. Image Restore -  Cannot find any recovery image.
            3. Automatic Repair - Did not solve the issue.
            4. System Refresh - Fails to complete.
            5. System Rest - Fails to complete.


            I launched command prompt and check that all the files are still there.


            I checked diskpart and I can see that the Primary, System, Recovery and Reserved partitions are all there.


            I checked drive C:, S: and R: respectively and all seems intact.


            There was a D: drive also mapped to R: so I copied some data files to it but then it suddenly hanged.


            When I restarted I now get the message "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix this problem: ..."


            And it shows "Status: 0xxc000007b\n Info: An unexpected error has occurred\n"


            I booted to the internal UEFI Shell and also an external UEFI Shell and I verifed that the System Partition is still intact.


            Everytime I run manually fs0:\efi\boot\bootia32.efi, fs0:\efi\microsoft\boot\bootmgrfw.efi, and fs0:\efi\oem\boot\bootmgrfw.efi I get the same error.


            I have now attempted to boot to WinPE 5.0 from the SD Card but I did not run yet diskpart.


            I went to c: to check the volume but it is so slow I do not know if it has hanged. I just left it as is. I will check again later tonight.


            I just hope that my r:\install.wim is still there.


            Where can I get a recovery installation and where can I find the product key? I did not check my box if it has that.



            Thanks in advance,


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              Cesar Badilla

              Hello Josh0031,


              Please Contact Support so we could assist you with this issue.



              Caesar B_Intel.