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    Intel Series 7 Chipset Windows 10 Error Enabling Smart Response


      I have an ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Motherboard. Intel Series 7 Chipset. I had windows 8.1 and I upgraded to Windows 10. Intel Smart Response was configured and working in Windows 10 (after configuring it in Windows 8.1 before the upgrade).


      Then my OS drive failed.


      I installed Windows 10 clean on a new drive, followed these steps to install RST 13.X


      1) Install 7-zip

      2) Extract SetupRST.exe to a folder

      3) Find the MSI for your platform (x86 or x64)

      4) Properties>Compatibility>Previous Versions of Windows

      5) Run it and it should install just fine.


      That being said, I still can't enable Smart Response from inside Windows 10, it shows the options but then errors when attempting to enable. These are the errors I receive:


      Error: Action failure VolumeCreateFromDisks


      0: SSI Status: Internal Error

      0: RAID Config Status: Illegal Disk Action.

      TriggerTransaction operation failed for Trigger: CreateVolume

      System.Exception: 0: Trigger create failed in internalIsiVolumeCreate

      Error returned by IsiVolumeCreateFromDisks() in PsiData::PsiDataSource::ActionVolumeCreateFromDisks


      Are there any planned updates for Intel RST to resolve this issue in Windows 10 on Series 7 chipsets? I have cleared the CMOS, formatted the SSD that I am using for cache, re-initialized it as MBR, GPT, created a partition ahead of time, all of the above and still the exact same error message.


      My next solution is to re-install Windows 8.1, enable Smart Response, then upgrade to Windows 10, but I would really like to avoid that as it seems a little bit excessive.