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    Need help selecting correct ram.


      Hi guys, I'm back.

      All I do is get confused trying figure out which ram to buy for my

      Intel NUC Kit DC3217IYE.

      I have the list from Intel but can not find the exact description on ebay.

      I enter the manufacture, part number etc from the list and never find an exact match.

      Could someone recommend the correct 8gb ram for me.

      I had this 1x8gb ddr3-1600 and it worked. but that's all that was printed on the chip.


      Any help appreciated.


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          Hi dlw,


          The lists on Intel's pages aren't all-inclusive, they're just memory that Intel has tested and verified in their lab.  You should be ok as long as you stick to the basic requirements listed on Intel's support page:


          • Supports two 1.5V DDR3 or 1.35V DDR3L (low voltage) SO-DIMMs
          • 1333 or 1600 MHz
          • Unbuffered, non-ECC
          • Minimum recommended memory: 1 GB
          • Maximum memory: 16 GB
          • Serial presence detect (SPD)


          I have the model you listed, and I've tested it with several different types of memory. Right now I have:

          Kingston KVR1333D359/4G 1.5v

          I have also used Patrio PSD34G133381S 4GB PC3-10600CL9


          Both work perfectly.  Newer memory (as long as it meets the listed specs) should also work fine.


          Incidentally, if performance is a factor you may want to consider a pair of DIMMs rather than a single, larger one. You get a bit better performance with a pair installed.


          I hope this helps.



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            Thanks for responding Jason.

            There is one 8gb 1600 sodimm chip in now and a 4gb sodimm chip.

            Is it ok to mix 1333 and 1600 chips?

            The reason I'm asking is because I've already spent over $100 on ram only to sell it on ebay at a loss.


            Thanks again for replying.


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              Yes, you can mix different speeds. It just means that both will run at the slowest speed.  So in your case both will run at 1333.  To get the most benefit out of dual dimms you want to match them as closely as possible.  If you're looking to go to 16 GB total, you'd want to get a similar 8GB DIMM.  I know you said there wasn't much on it in the way of labeling, but does it at least say the brand? Any chance you could post a picture of both sides?


              If you can't find any more information on it, you can just get another 8GB 1600 DIMM and it will likely work fine.

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                I'd have to open the mini again. Rather not right now.

                I will before I order.


                Another question if you don't mind.

                The specs say 2 usb ports external and 2 internal.

                What exactly does this mean.

                I saw no internal usb ports when installing the ram.



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                  There are headers on the motherboard for attaching USB cables.  These were common on full-sized PCs for connecting to, for example, usb ports on the computer case.  They would only be useful if you put the NUC board in a different case.

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                    Thanks for the explanation. and help.

                    Until next time... Gday.



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                      Always glad to help!