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    Slow read speeds on Intel 750 SSD M.2 with Asus Saberbooth X99


      Was able to boot off my Intel 750 with my Asus Saberbooth X99 board and install Windows 10. Not happy at all on the raw read speed tests using HD Tune. This drive is so called rated for 2200MB/sec read speed and I get half that. My BIOS is updated, my Intel Toolbox is updated and I'm using the correct Intel drivers. I get an average of 1100MB/sec read speed on most read test software I've used. I've spent lots of money on this drive, but this puts a sour taste in my mouth.


      Any ideas or suggestions here? As I said before, I am using the Intel SSD solid state drive drivers.


      Asus Saberbooth X99 with latest BIOS

      64GB high speed memory DD4

      Intel i7-5930k 40 lane PCI processor


      How do I get the performance out of this drive that's advertised all over with such high stats? If not, then I'll need to open a ticket with Intel and possibly consider it a defective unit.