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    2 Duo Mobile Processor: Thermal Diode offset


      We're running thermal tests on systems w/ Core 2 Duo L7400 processor. The processor's thermal diode is connected to a temp monitoring MAX1617 (read w/ SeepdFan). L7400 data sheet (Document Number: 320120-004 March 2009) section 5.1.1 "Thermal Diode" says: * "When using the thermal diode, a temperature offset value must be read from a processor Model Specific Register (MSR) and applied. See section 5.1.2 for more details." We'd like to find the MSR location that contains this "temperature offset value". We've searched through: * " Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer’s Manual Volumes 3A & 3B:  System Programming Guide"( Document Numbers 253668-032US & 253669-032US Sept 2009) ** We looked especially closely at Appendix B "MSRs". However, we cannot find the "temperature offset value". Does anyone know where the MSR with this thermal diode offset value is?? * This diode reading responds dramatically to Stressit exercise, much more so than the L7400 internal core temperature readings.