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    DG965WH Raid 0/1 gone?



      I have an Intel DG965WH system board that recently did something that I am lost with. I have 4 1tb hard drives configured as a raid 0/1 array that has never run into problems before. Today the Intel matrix storage manager reported that a hard drive had failed, so I shut down the pc, replaced the hdd and turned the pc back on, just after the bios boot screen the matrix storage manager reported that there were no volumes and in red for each hdd, shows volume offline???


      I went into CTL-I to see what was going on, but there is nothing I can do.


      IS there any way I can get this volume back on-line or am I SOL?


      I'd really appreciate any responce.


      the system OS is windowsXP pro, with intel matrix storage manager ver 8.8