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    Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) I218-V Wake On Lan broken with Fast Start-Up - Windows 10 - Bug




      I have a problem using Wake-On-Lan (WOL) when Windows 10 has "Fast Start-Up" enabled.


      Specs of system:

      Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

      CPU: Intel Core i5

      RAM: 8.00GB DDR3

      Motherboard: ASUS H97M-PLUS



      This is an office PC which needs to WOL for its nightly remote backup and I would really like it to "fast start-up".


      I have the most up to date Intel LAN Driver V12.13.17.4

      With "fast start-up" off WOL works perfectly. With "fast start-up" on WOL refuses to work.


      I have triedthe following:


      • "Fast Start-Up" ON/OFF
      • "Resting condition" Shutdown/Hibernate/Sleep
      • "Hybrid Sleep" Visible/Not Visible
      • RG_SZ "WakeOnFastStartup" 0/1


      These are my results:


      Fast Start-UpResting ConditionHybrid SleepWakeOnFastStartupWOL
      OFFSleepNot visible0YES
      OFFHibernateNot visible0YES
      OFFShutdownNot visible0YES
      ONSleepNot visible0YES
      ONHibernateNot visible0YES
      ONShutdownNot visible0NO


      As you can see there is a not very useful corner-case, where the default position for Windows 10 Professional (Fast Start-Up = ON, Resting Condition = Shutdown, Hybrid Sleep = Not visible and WakeOnFastStartup = 0) does not response to a WOL magic packet.

      I would be grateful for some help with this issue.

      Many thanks,